Talmadge Hill Honors the Rev. Mich Zeman

Dear Friends of Talmadge Hill, 

On Saturday September 8th, we celebrated the life and ministry of the Reverend Mich Zeman.  It was an emotional, but ultimately joyful, occasion.  He had indeed touched many lives over the course of many years.  

Since then, a number of people have asked about monetary gifts to honor his legacy.  In response to those inquiries, this letter is intended to outline explicitly the opportunities for giving with instructions. 

If you would like to make a gift, you have 2 options from which to choose:

-  Option one reflects Mich’s great love for the Talmadge Hill Church.  In his last days, he communicated his desire to do more work on our Memorial Garden as well as a desire to support several initiatives with the THCC music ministry.  To support this option, you would write a check to The Talmadge Hill Church and mark the gift “Mich Zeman Legacy Fund”.  

-  Option two reflects Mich and Mary’s great love for Kenya and the power of education.  As you may or may not remember, Mich and Mary began their married lives in Kenya.  To honor this chapter in their lives, a primary school will be built in 2019 and dedicated in their names.  To support this option, you would write a check to Crossing Thresholds Inc. and mark the gift “Mich and Mary Zeman School”.  

Collectively, these giving opportunities reflect two of his deepest loves -- for church and for mission.  

All gifts can be mailed directly to the church, and all gifts (both to the Talmadge Hill Church and to Crossing Thresholds) are tax deductible.

In gratitude,