Music at Talmadge Hill

Rob Silvan, Music Director

Rob Silvan, Music Director

People have called Talmadge Hill a clapping church, a laughing church and a crying church because people are often so touched.

It is also a piano church. Our sanctuary is small enough that our beloved 1927 Steinway baby grand fills the space with music that moves us.  And it is a singing church with authentic, heartfelt and soaring voices.

Our music is always a gift rather than a performance – offered in the spirit of deepening the individual and collective experience of worship. It draws upon the classic hymns of our faith tradition, as well as gospel, jazz, rhythm and blues, and traditional folk. Music Director Rob Silvan creates original music that conveys the poetry of the Psalms and the Beatitudes as well as Rumi, Rabia, T.S Eliot, Lao Tse, Wordsworth, Rilke, Yeats, Whitman and a noble host of others.  

We invite guest musicians and singers including flutist John Ragusa, guitarist Scott Weber and violinist Andrew Crape. There are several trios and quartets lead by soloists Michael Crouch, Jeanette Osborne, Cathleen Morgan and Miles Wallace.

Performing at the Unitarian Church, Westport

Our regular music program offers opportunities for everyone to worship through music:  

CHOIR – The Talmadge Hill Choir is renowned for its heart and soul.  All are welcome, no audition is required. From September to June the choir rehearses on Thursdays and sings one Sunday a month. On the first Sunday in June, the choir gives the sermon entirely in music.

CHRISTMAS CANDLELIGHT CONCERT – Come December, on the first Sunday evening of Advent we dim the lights and gather for a candlelight concert, presented by the immensely talented musical folks of the church.

CHRISTMAS PAGEANT – Since 2000, on the last Sunday before Christmas our children (and a few adults) have presented a unique and wholly original telling of the story in The Innkeeper. Written by Rob Silvan and Mich Zeman The Innkeeper is a musical drama with a lot of laughs. The story follows the awakening of the lonely and unhappy Innkeeper- the same one whose inn was too full to welcome Mary and Joseph.

To learn more about the music of Talmadge Hill, or to join the choir, contact Rob Silvan or inquire at

Short clip singing at the piano