Our Mission

To know the love of God, and share it.

Our Vision

Easter Altar

Easter Altar

We are a community of faith grounded in Christian tradition.  We are warm, welcoming and accepting of all persons in search of a deeper spiritual life.

  • Worship is the heart of all we do, enlivened by relevant preaching, inspired music and a joyful spirit.
  • We build community by providing sanctuary and nurturing intimacy.
  • We invite the courageous study of scripture and reflection on the life and teachings of Jesus.
  • We express our love through service to the suffering, vulnerable and forgotten.
  • In all things, we seek to offer our time and talent to the beauty and need of the world.

What We Value

  • Beauty and intimacy in our gatherings.
  • The traditions and rituals of the church.
  • The enduring and growing relationships that our faith encourages.
  • The music we hear and feel in our hearts offered to the glory of God in our worship.
  • The diversity of the congregation by openness and welcoming of all people.
  • The sharing of our enthusiasm of how God’s love continues to be revealed to us.


Our Strategic Priorities Through 2020

  • To grow more ACTIVE by engaging people in the work of the church, connecting to one another and deepening spiritual formation.
  • To grow more AWARE by facilitating communication and making governance transparent.
  • To grow SUSTAINABLE by seeking appropriate growth in leadership, planning, and membership.