Annual Giving and Pledging

We value stewardship by all, seeing both the giving and the receiving as essential to the well-being of our spiritual selves and our church.

Rev. Carter Via once remarked that “…everything that Talmadge Hill Community Church offers is free – but it costs something.” That our small church does and offers so much is truly amazing. What is equally amazing is how this is accomplished within the confines of a modest operating budget funded entirely by the generosity of our congregation.

As we are asked to assume the responsibility of stewards, it is within the context of reflecting upon stewardship in many forms.

  • How the church serves as the steward of our own spiritual houses

  • How our church stewards so many others, beyond our immediate community, who are beneficiaries of this unique house of worship and very special congregation of volunteers and concerned friends.

  • How our church commits 22% of all donations received to missions in the local, national and international communities.

Talmadge Hill delivers so much, in so many ways, to so many people, while existing on an operating budget where every dollar counts. Every gift is deeply appreciated. However your pledge, no matter how small, ensures that we may confidently plan for the support of our ministers, staff, programs and missions, and the management of our facilities, throughout the year. We can make our modest resources go so much further when we work with solid expectations, rather than the uncertain hope that what we need will actually be provided through Sunday collections.

An annual pledge demonstrates your commitment as stewards of our church. All are invited to pledge, in whatever amount you can give joyfully.

To learn more about the financial stewardship of Talmadge Hill Community Church or to make a pledge, contact the church office at