Healing the Healer: A mindfulness and Dialogue for Life Workshop

September 14-15 at The Mariandale Center, Ossining, NY  914-941-4455
Facilitators: Danny Martin, STL, PhD and Diane J. Abatemarco, PhD, MSW


How we can deal with all the stress and negativity that we encounter and not let it overwhelm or depress us? How can we meet the inevitable struggles that are part of every life, at home and at work, and allow these struggles to be our teachers? Research has shown that we can indeed learn to work with the challenging aspects of llife by training our minds to expand, through the practice of Mindfulness and Dialogue. Only a mind that is expanded will know how to live creatively in the face of life's challenges, and relate with others in ways that promote justice and compassion.

Join us for a 1.5 day retreat on Mindfulness and Dialogue for Life - Healing the Healer - that is designed for healers, including but not limited to therapists, counselors, nurses, social workers, teachers, physicians, clergy, and social service staff. Diane and Danny will introduce you to practices that will enable you to use brief meditation practices and dialogue skills to enhance your ability to befriend yourself and improve your interactions with clients, patients, and co-workers.

Learning Goals:
1. Develop Stress Management
2. Develop Mindfulness Practices
3. Develop Dialogue Practices
4. Develop a Mindfulness-Dialogue Practice

The cost of the complete program, including full board (single room) at Mariandale, NY is $335.00. For more information contact The Mariandale Center at 914-941-4455