Week of June 3

Choir Sunday, this Sunday!

Mich used to like to say that on Choir Sunday the choir gives the Sermon.

(That never really stopped him from delivering a sermon of his own those days.)

What Mich knew and was saying is that strong and beautiful words can be carried directly into the heart by the melodies and harmonies of human voices- and the Talmadge Hill  Choir will be doing our best to testify to that this Sunday. And Susan will be there to support us all- as preacher AND as soprano.

Here are some advance quotes from the choir sermon- words according to a few of our spiritual guides- Curtis Mayfield, Rumi, Machado, Hank Williams and Bob Marley:

“Like the blind man that God gave back his sight, Praise the Lord! I saw the light!”

“Help each man be a better man with the kindness that you give.”

“Wade in the water! You gotta go deeper if you’re gonna cross over.”

“There’s room for all of the loved and the lost.”

“One Love, One Heart.”

“Lift you foot, cross over.”

“It is God I have here inside my heart.”

And, I am truly excited to announce that joining us from Bridgeport for the first time Sunday will be members of the KEYS Chorus.  The KEYS kids  have been working hard and they have learned quite a few of our songs.

Please come and be inspired by the singers (you getting inspired inspires us back), support the children and feed your heart!

With love, Rob