Week of March 18, 2018


Dear Friends,

Since it was my son's spring break we headed down to West Palm Beach with him and his girlfriend for a few days.  Our last day there, we check out of the rental house and drove to the beach.  The sun over the water turned the shallows aquamarine while the deeps were dark teals.  The sand, particularly fine, sparkled under the sun while the waves burnished the beach with various subtle patterns.  Oh this is beautiful, I thought.

4 hours later we were driving home in Norwalk at dusk. Enough snow meant that the deepening warm blue sky was reflected in the remaining patches of snow, while the trees in their dark stands bared their dark architecture.  Oh this is beautiful, I thought.  

I thank my mother for teaching me to notice.  And I thank God for creating such a beautiful, splendid and varied world.  I have too too much going on right now in my life, too much I have said yes to, and just thinking about it makes my heart beat faster.  But when I notice, just notice nature with her longer timeline and ancient structure, I breathe more restfully.  I am grateful.  This world becomes a gift and I see myself in it in the larger web of relationships.  

This time of year may make us all anxious for the spring.  Still, the mounds of spiderwort are already pushing up in the softening soil. Spring will bring its beauty to us.  

But don't wait for it.  Look now. Notice now.  (As I type this, I look out the window and see two pine seedlings blowing in the wind.  Glory be to God)

Peace and Grace,